Pana Svetlana Velikova

Материали:oснова-декоративна хартия.

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kirana каза...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I can't understand the language you use. Anyway, I'm pleased to know you. Greetings from Malaysia.

Светлана Великова каза...

I found your blog, which I liked a lot of useful information.I`m sorry that do not understand my language and I apologize for my bad EN. Greetings from Bulgaria.

Anamir каза...

Thank you so much for visiting me in my blog. You are more than welcome.
I'm very pleased to know you and your work.

A big hug to you from oPorto, in Portugal.

Светлана Великова каза...

Many thanks for your honest opinion and I accept you as you embrace me with great:)

Paulo каза...

Thanks to visit and follow my blog. You have one very beautifull with different things.
I will follow yours.
Paulo Camacho

Светлана Великова каза...

Thanks :)


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